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Lac-Mac Chemical Splash Protection Bib Overall, Red

Stay safe from hazardous chemicals with the Lac-Mac Chemical Splash Protection Bib Overall. Made with chemical-resistant, waterproof, and breathable material, it meets the performance requirements of the NFPA 1992 Standard.

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Lac-Mac Chemical Splash Protection Bib Overall, Red

Red polyester fabric for non-flammable, hazardous liquid chemicals (meets the performance requirements of NFPA 1992 Standard).

  • Made using Red GORE® Chemical Splash Protective Fabrics 
  • Seams Sewn using Thermally Stable, Chemical Resistant GORE® TENARA® Sewing Thread
  • Seams Sealed using GORE-SEAM® Tape
  • Material is Chemical Resistant, Waterproof, and Breathable
  • Pull-On Design with 28 1/2" inseam
  • Hook and Loop Leg Cuff Adjustment
  • Raised Front Panel Fabric Shoulder Straps with Size Adjustment
  • Bar Code for Tracking
  • NFPA 1992 Certified Materials and Design



Chemical Splash Protection Products

Chemical Splash Protection garments manufactured by Lac-Mac Limited should be used only when you do not need vapor protection or where vapor exposure is deemed acceptable by an industrial safety or health professional. Because garments manufactured from Gore® Fabric for Chemical Splash Protection are vapor-permeable, they should not be used for protection against hazardous vapor exposures or exposures to carcinogens or other health-threatening materials.


The following is an excerpt from the Gore® Fabric for Chemical Splash Protection Application Guide and details chemical penetration test data for a selection of chemical challenges. Testing is based upon ASTM F 903-03 Standard Test Method for Resistance of Materials Used in Protective Clothing to Penetration by Liquids and is conducted as specified in NFPA 1992 - Standard on Liquid Splash-Protective Ensembles and Clothing for Hazardous Materials Emergencies.


Use garments made from Gore® Fabric for Chemical Splash Protection for these chemicals only in controlled situations if an industrial safety, hygiene, or health professional has deemed vapor exposure acceptable. Failure to comply with this warning may result in severe injury or death.


The Chemical Penetration Data is color-coded to determine the proper application for protective clothing made with GORE® Chemical Splash Fabric.

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