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Chill-Its Hard Hat Sweatband

The Chill-Its 6609 Hard Hat Sweatband Liner is made with absorbent terry cloth to prevent sweat from dripping into the eyes when working in hot environments. Soft and low-profile, it fits comfortably under hard hats without adding bulk.

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This hard hat sweatband fits most hard hats and safety helmets, easily and securely attaching to the forehead of the suspension with four snap button closures. Ideal for construction, telecommunications, or anyone wearing head protection while working in the heat.

ABSORBENT TERRY CLOTH – Prevents sweat from dripping into eyes

FITS MOST HARD HATS & SAFETY HELMETS – 4 snap button closures securely attach to the forehead

LOW-PROFILE – For no-bulk wear with hard hats

SOFT COMFORT – 100% cotton terry cloth


04-03-2022 15:13

This is a must have item here in the South. The suspension systems that usually come with the hardhats have a vinyl headband that ends up feeling similar to wearing shorts in a car with black vinyl seats in the middle of August, only it's on your forehead. These wrap around and snap in place and keep the sweat from rolling into your eyes and your hardhat from sliding around and falling off your head. Oh and they are so much better than wrapping a paper towel around the front headband (you know who you are). Also when they start to resemble the color and texture of cardboard it's time to take it home and wash it!

5 stars based on 1 reviews

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