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Kleen View Anti Fog/Scratch Towelette (100 Count)

Gateway Safety Kleen View Anti Fog/Scratch Towelette Pre-Moistened (100 Count)

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In most work environments, safety glasses have a way of getting dusty, dirty, and smudged. Employees frequently use a t-shirt or nose tissue to clean their protective eyewear. However, there’s a problem with that method of cleaning. The worker wiped off the anti-scratch and anti-fog coatings that were originally applied to the surface of the lens during the manufacturing process.

Gateway Safety has an excellent solution to that problem with their new and improved line of Kleen View Lens Cleaning products. Kleen View lens cleaning products feature a fast-drying, silicone-free formula that includes an anti-fog, anti-static formula, which helps extend the life of safety glasses. Workers love the functionality of the anti-fog coating and the dust- and dirt resistance gained from the anti-static coating. In contrast, employers value the cost savings associated with longer-lasting safety products.

By making Kleen View lens cleaning stations or towelettes a standard part of their protective eyewear program, employers communicate to employees that their comfort is essential,” explains Matthew Love, Gateway Safety Vice President. “Plus, by positioning a cleaning station only where it is safe to remove and clean PPE, an employer reinforces the compliance message…that eyewear should never be removed in a hazardous work area.”

Kleen View® Lens Cleaning products are safe for any Gateway Safety eye or face protection product. Kleen View is available as a spray solution packaged with soft, non-abrasive tissues or as convenient, single-use towelettes for quick lens cleaning.

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